Ease of Use

S.O.L.D. is easy for wholesale distributors to implement and even easier for their customers to place online orders. In this new age of SOCIAL DISTANCING, emailing automatic order reminder messages timed to coincide with your company's delivery zone routes just makes good business sense AND the customer's journey using our program is a simple one...

Step 1

Your customer receives an order reminder message which contains a link to your company's order portal.

The customer clicks on your distributor's order page URL address and logs into their account.

Step 2

Customer clicks "Add Order" button...

The customer selects a customized order template (with only the products they order) and click "Apply Template". Alternatively your customer can search for products in your company's product catalog.

Step 3

The customer enters the desired quantities, purchase order number (if applicable), any special instructions, etc.  When ready the customer clicks on the "Submit Order" button.


  • The customer receives an immediate emailed order acknowledgement providing the details of their order.
  • The distributor sales representative receives an immediate order notification providing the details of their customer's order.
  • The distributor's order desk receives an immediate emailed order notification providing the details of the order for order fulfillment. Additionally the order desk has an on-line order dashboard to manage incoming orders in real time.

For a full program demonstration, please submit a request below...

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