S.O.L.D. Order Management SaaS Solution


S.O.L.D. Helps Manage and Grow your Wholesale Business

S.O.L.D. Order Management SaaS Solution

S.O.L.D. Logo ImageS.O.L.D. is a web-based program providing wholesale distributors with a company branded, online portal for customers to place orders. It compliments (but does not replace) your existing P.O.S. system. In this time of social distancing, S.O.L.D. allows you to send automatic order reminder messages via email, timed to coincide with delivery route schedules. S.O.L.D. can be used in ANY sector where businesses rely on timely delivery of recurring consumable commodities or finished products.  Now distributors without online ordering capabilities can easily offer customers this convenience. For the wholesale lubricants sector, S.O.L.D. is exclusive globally for Phillips 66 Lubricant distributors.

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Key Features

  • It is a secure web-based order management platform for wholesale distributors
  • It sends automatic email order reminders to customers at predefined, delivery zone specific intervals
  • It provides customer-specific online order forms with vendor banner advertisements
  • It provides a searchable online product catalog with product specific PDS and SDS links
  • It is a marketer communications tool

Ease of Use

  • Convenient way for customers to place orders online
  • Customers can select products using "Product Favorites" or use "Order Templates" to populate order forms.
  • Allows customers to search your entire product catalog using search filters
  • Can be used as an order pad for customer service or sales representatives
  • Reporting features allow Sales Managers to monitor sales activities

Distributor Benefits

  • Reduces costs and increases efficiencies by:
    • Reducing phone calls and face-to-face interactions
    • Reduces order mistakes when using customer specific order templates
    • Reduces “emergency,” off-route and off-schedule deliveries
    • Enforces ordering deadlines (each order is date and time stamped)

Customer Acceptance

  • For over four years, nearly 100% of customers have been found to:
    • Appreciate being able to order online
    • Like, accept and appreciate the order reminder messages
    • Change ordering habits and adjust to scheduled delivery routes and the distributor's lead-time requirements
    • Customers place orders when most convenient to them (24/7/365).

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